Friday, September 21, 2007

Hole #3 Has Begun

As regular readers of this blog will know, I began digging a hole in the backyard shortly after moving here (see image - hole #1).

Some time later, just about when the hole started looking respectable, the humans sprinkled cayenne pepper and covered it in boards, hoping that I would stop, I think.


I began hole number two (again, see image). And it was starting to look pretty good. Until they covered that one with an entire jar of red pepper a couple of days ago.

Well, at that point, what would you do if you were any self-respecting, all-american mutt dog?

Damn right.

Say hello to hole number three. Small, perhaps. But not for long.

I think I will now refer to them as the triumvirate.

UPDATE: Just got a comment from a reader saying that if I have three holes they should be called Tom, Dick & Harry. How silly of me not to think of that. Of course, he's absolutely right. And I'm like Charles Bronson... if he were a dog.


Big X said...


Whenever you dig three holes their names should be Tom, Dick and Harry.

Pancho said...

Oh my god. You're absolutely right. Tom, Dick and Harry it shall be.

Renee said...

Pancho, you are my hero. I just won't let you into my backyard. But I still admire your determination!