Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life In The Canyon.

Hey folks. Sorry no picture with this post. Just a quick update.

I have moved, with my human, to a place out in the country. It's awesome, but I am exhausted. Seriously. I've always lived in homes with fenced yards. And now, my human lets me just run around and explore. Sometimes, I even slip away when he's not looking. He screams loud, so I haven't had a hard time finding my way back.

The other day, I found a dead deer. It smelled like shit. It was awesome.

I'll post some pictures soon. Having some computer issues right now.

Oh. I haven't seen any squirrels yet. I guess my reputation precedes me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Can Barely Contain Myself.

My human tells me we're moving again. Holy shit. This is getting ridiculous.

On the bright side, here's the story I'm getting. Apparently we're moving WAY out in the country somewhere. He keeps talking to me about not chasing deer and other wild animals. He says I'm going to love it... that we'll be able to go on lots of walks, that there will be plenty of squirrels to hunt (which, for some reason, he thinks is ok... just not deer and snakes), and he also says he's going to let me do some running. That sounds very cool.

Whatever the case, we're going. Soon, I think.

Just thought I'd let my readers know. I'll fill you in a bit more later.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dog Heaven

I sleep a lot. Whatever. Sue me. I'm a dog. That's what we do.

Certainly there are a lot of places that are good to sleep. Throughout the day, I use them all. I'll lay on the couch for a while, then get up, get a drink - then, perhaps I'll try a little nap by the window. It's all good, really.

But there is one spot that I never, ever, ever move from by my own choosing. When my human is watching a movie, or visiting with friends, or for any reason finds himself in the chair with the ottoman in front of it, I am there.

There is something extremely comforting and awesome about knowing someone loves you. And if that someone is stroking your head for, like, 2 hours... well, would you move?

Hell no you wouldn't. And neither will I.