Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dog Heaven

I sleep a lot. Whatever. Sue me. I'm a dog. That's what we do.

Certainly there are a lot of places that are good to sleep. Throughout the day, I use them all. I'll lay on the couch for a while, then get up, get a drink - then, perhaps I'll try a little nap by the window. It's all good, really.

But there is one spot that I never, ever, ever move from by my own choosing. When my human is watching a movie, or visiting with friends, or for any reason finds himself in the chair with the ottoman in front of it, I am there.

There is something extremely comforting and awesome about knowing someone loves you. And if that someone is stroking your head for, like, 2 hours... well, would you move?

Hell no you wouldn't. And neither will I.

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