Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moving Is A Bitch.

As I mentioned previously, my human and I just moved in to our new place. Actually, we're not done moving yet. Still kinda in the process.

Well, the very first day, my human decides to leave me at the house for an hour while he goes to the store. I wanted to go, but he seemed to think the folks at Kroger might not be hip to canines. So in protest. I peed on the floor.

Well, there's no doggie door yet, so I knew I wouldn't get scolded.

Next day, same deal.

So he starts thinking I'm all traumatized from the change and decides to take me everywhere with him. Convenience stores, restaurants, home-improvement warehouses. It has been awesome. I'm meeting tons of people. And they all want to pet me.

Maybe when that doggie door gets here, I'll just keep peeing inside. Wouldn't want him to stop taking me out.

But anyway. It's been a long day. I'm gonna go lay down on the sofa. Already found me a good spot.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Am Thankful For.

Hey folks. It's been a while. Last time I posted, I thought I was moving South with my human. Turns out, the next day, he gets a job offer and decides to stay. So, I've remained here, as a guest in the home of his friend (who happens to have 3 rat terriers).

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful that my human has such kind friends who took me in and made me feel welcome.

I am thankful that my human has finally landed on his feet. In fact, he rented a place for the both of us TODAY. That's it in the photo. He's ordered a doggie door and there'll be all kinds of new places for me to park my ass.

Most of all, I think, I'm thankful that my human and I will be together again. He needs me.

I think I'll probably start posting again on a slightly more regular basis. My human will be gone all day and (hopefully) will leave the Mac on.

Those other folks had a PC. Fuck that.