Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life In The Canyon.

Hey folks. Sorry no picture with this post. Just a quick update.

I have moved, with my human, to a place out in the country. It's awesome, but I am exhausted. Seriously. I've always lived in homes with fenced yards. And now, my human lets me just run around and explore. Sometimes, I even slip away when he's not looking. He screams loud, so I haven't had a hard time finding my way back.

The other day, I found a dead deer. It smelled like shit. It was awesome.

I'll post some pictures soon. Having some computer issues right now.

Oh. I haven't seen any squirrels yet. I guess my reputation precedes me.

1 comment:

just me said...

Just be careful that when you are out and about that other humans don't just shoot you because they can.