Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back Off, Foot.

Someone just emailed me this video. Take a look at it. It's footage of a dog gnawing on a bone.

As he gnaws, his rear foot reaches up towards his face. In reaction to the foot (remember, its his foot) the dog gets all pissed and starts growling at it. He then moves the bone over to the arm of the couch, seemingly, to get it away from the foot. The foot then begins reaching again. Finally the dog has enough and simply reaches down and bites it.

He bites his foot.

His own foot.

I may dig holes, lick my wiener, eat bugs, wipe my ass on the carpet, shed relentlessly, and kick the asses of those dogs across the street. But I have never, ever, ever gotten into an argument with my own foot and then, in frustration, bit it as though it belonged to someone else.

That's some crazy shit, right there.


Brian Fellow: Safari Planet said...

That foot stole my credit card!

Pancho said...

Hey there Brian Fellow,

Glad you could drop by. Though I doubt it's really you!