Monday, September 22, 2008

This sucks, but it needs to be said.

Well, friends... this is a difficult post.

It seems my human has been unable to find a job. That means he's unable to afford a place where we both can live together. Looks like I'm going to need a new home.

If you live near Dallas and are interested in taking on a roommate... (or are willing to travel to Dallas to get me)

If you have a home in which you can install a large dog door and will allow me free reign of the house as well as a yard to pee in...

If you are cool with a large, 70 pound dog whose number one favorite thing to do is to snuggle and be petted...

If you don't mind vacuuming up dog hair and recognize it as a small price to pay for complete loyalty and unabashed affection...

Well, then... this could be your lucky day.

My human is not very happy about this, but realizes that it is necessary.

If you're interested, you may call him at 214-534-6632.

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