Monday, September 29, 2008


Good news people.

It looks like I'm going to be with my human once again. If he doesn't find a job soon (and get us both a place together), then he's opted to move South. Yes, it is quite possible that I will be chasing deer, armadillos, and other creatures in the very near future. Good, because squirrels are pussies.

Now that he's figured out a way to keep me, there's no way in hell he'd give me up.


I now officially rescind my previous offer. Not that any of you were beating a trail to my gate or anything. I recognize it's hard to effectively communicate my utter cuteness by my mere written words. But shit! Not one offer?

Soon, I'll be hangin with my human again. So fuck yall anyway.


LB said...

Oh, Pancho! What good news. I knew you would end up with your human, so I was pitying the rescuer who would have to eventually give you up.

This way there are NO sad humans and one very happy dog!

Pancho said...

Yeah. He digs me quite a bit. He was NOT enjoying the process of finding me a new home. I can't wait to be with him again. Besides, it's been very difficult to post. He's really the only one who recognizes my value as not only a dog, but as a writer. I think I'll be blogging regularly again very soon.

Kathy throwing her $2 in. said...

Well, Pancho. I would have offered, but you would eat my other 5 dogs. I wouldn't have minded you eating the 6th dog (Rat Dog Bastard) but then you would be picking meat out of your teeth and then would need to go to the Dentist, but the other dogs I kinda like a lot. So no eating there.
Frankly, I'd live in my car before I gave up my dog. Glad your human thought this out a bit further.

Ramona said...

We would have taken you, Pancho, but my cats would have been mere hors d'oeuvres on your way to total domination of the dachshund next door. Besides, you wouldn't like living here in Georgia with all all the redneck hillbillies. So glad you and the human will be back together soon.

Pancho said...

Rock on, Ramona.

Still waiting to hear on whether my human is going to get a job in Dallas, or if we're headed South. But thanks for the sentiment.

And you're right. I'd eat your cats, sure as hell.