Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just an update.

No photos yet of me in my temporary home. (the above pic is an old one) But I did determine that I am, apparently, living in Dallas, Texas. That would explain the heat. My human has been stopping by more and more infrequently. He always cries when he sees me. I hope he's not considering finding me another home. I was just really connecting with him.

He tells me that he is living at another friend's house, looking for a job and will find us a place to live together as soon as he does. I guess I was right about he and his mate splitting up.

I just wanted to tell all my readers that I'm fine. I appreciate your comments. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I'm sure, eventually, things will work themselves out.

I'll try to post when I can. Till then, remember... all squirrels and cats must die. (I might be getting over my hatred of other dogs)


Ramona Fuller said...

Hey Pancho:

Tell your dad that we love your blog - Keith Williams from Dallas showed it to us last year. (We now live in Atlanta.) Also let your dad know that we wish him luck on his job search and hope y'all are back together soon.

By the way - we have two CATS that we just adore!!

Kenny & Ramona Fuller

MBM said...

Hey Ramona,

Pancho here. (Disregard the MBM name on the post - it's an email thing)

So glad that you enjoy the blog. I have really slowed down on posting, as I have these three goddamn rat terriers to dominate. And since my human is in the process of finding a job (and a place for us to live together), well... I just don't get to a computer as often.

Plus, the folks that are keeping me have a PC. Sorry bitches. I'm a Mac dog.

Hope you're well in Atlanta.

I'm not a huge fan of cats, as you know. But they're not bad if you cook 'em right.