Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Good To Dream.

I often think about how cool it would be to be a human. To have hands where I could pick up stuff without having to use my mouth. To be able to use the phone... that would be awesome.

But maybe the best thing about being a human is that they get to drive.

Want a steak? No problem. Let's drive.

Want a chew toy? Hop in. Let's go.

And those bastard dogs across the street would be SO pissed. Ha, ha, ha. That would be great.

Oh well. I'm just a dog.

At least I can lick my wiener.


Maulleigh said...

I would like to know more about the bastards across the street.

Pancho said...


The bastard dogs across the street love to mock me. Whenever I'm out back (in my own domain) and they catch a whiff of me, they will bark and bark.

There are two of them. Plus their friends who live next door. So they have a bit of a gang mentality.

Like me, I think they have good humans who treat them well. Perhaps it is this fact that gives them a false sense of confidence in their dealings with me.

Someday we will meet in earnest. And it will be on.