Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sorry to keep going on about this.

Tonight was awesome. Maybe more awesome than two Thanksgivings back when my human bought me a huge bone with raw meat all over it.

I began at my usual evening post, viewing the deer from the Eagles Nest. Then, I saw about 30 deer out in the flood plane. I freaked. Barked like never before.

My human, wondering why I was so worked up, walked out to my perch and saw a single deer to the north. He loves me so much, he said "what the hell" and unlocked my gate and followed me down. Guess he thought I'd chase a bit and be done.

He did not realize that there were 30 deer to the south... at about 75 yards away. Oh, but I saw them. I took off like a light. It was at this moment when I was able to put my new, leaner, meaner body to use. I was like a bullet. Stickers be damned. Rocks be damned. My laser was on them and I meant to catch one. Swear to god people... I've never run so fast in my life. (My human tried to get his camera and shoot a movie of me... but he didn't even get the chance to reach for it by the time I was long gone.

Anyway, I went full throttle for 400 yards and didn't catch one. Those fuckers are FAST.

It really is one of the real joys for a dog. Freedom. Prey. And the means to put some hurt on them if I ever do catch one.

Oh well, I gotta go to sleep. I'm beat.

Tonight, I shall sleep with a smile.

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Pam McKnight said...

wow, pretty exciting Panco