Friday, February 20, 2009

Can Dogs Two-Step?

Bad news folks. My human found out they're building a dance hall in our new town. He went out and met the owners. Then, he comes back and starts playing music again. I guess he's got the bug.

I've always enjoyed it when he plays the guitar. I usually like to hang out nearby when he's practicing. But yesterday, he pulled out his harmonicas.

YIKES. Those things sound like he's squeezing a cat by the neck (which would be pretty cool, if he was actually squeezing a cat by the neck). But come on. That shit is painful to a dog's ears, man.

And the worst part is... if he starts playing music with other people, that means he'll be leaving me alone more often.

Not good.

But at least I wont have to listen to that damn harmonica.

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