Friday, August 10, 2007

Jam A Lightsaber In My Forehead... Please.

Dear George Lucas,


Thanks so much for creating a film franchise that's more popular than Christ.

It's no secret that you've made billions from Star Wars product licensing and merchandising. Well, it seems that your gain is my loss. Thanks to you, a perfectly dignified all-American mutt dog gets to spend an afternoon in utter humiliation.

How much is too much, George? Don't you earn more than the GNP of most third world countries? So, I'm curious... when the idea for the Darth Vader dog costume crossed your desk, were you worried you might not have enough to cover your Bentley payment? Or do you just hate self-respecting canines?

Thanks George. I only wish I really WAS Darth Vader. Then I could choke you to death using only the P-O-W-E-R O-F M-Y M-I-N-D.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. So you are a dog having your own blog - that`s cool! I have a blog for my dogs as well. It`s not in english, but the photos there speak for every language, (
Good luck with your blogging :)

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I feel your pain, my furry friend. I have long sought to call attention to the plight of unwillingly costumed canines (I actually enjoy donning my Batpug gear), and I shall not rest until we have established a canine theocracy and turned the tables on the infidels. Peace be upon you.

Kathy Finfrock said...

OMG I LOVE Pancho! I am so glad Pancho has found a wonderful home. He is awesome (and smart too).
Thanks for the visit and the well wishes for Ginger. I'm sorry to say she passed away the beginning of June. It was very dark and sad here until God brought us a stray right to our front door. We are still sad about Ginger being gone, but we are most definitely entertained. BuddyRoo keeps us on our toes and doesn't give us much time to be sad.

jin said...

You look beyond adorable in that photo...well worth the humiliation.

Thanks for stopping by my place! :-D

Brioche said...

My Mum told me to stop by and say hi. That's her up there...she beat me again. She should have to type with hairy paws, it's not as easy as it looks!!!

:-P :-P :-P
sloppy kisses
Brioche (aka The Bean)

Eternally Curious said...

Oh Pancho! You are an adorable hottie, aren't you! I best not let my girl Peaches see you. 'Course, her big brother Dusty would be more of a problem for you than I would be. I'm so glad you were rescued. Now you take good care of that human of yours, OK? And don't worry 'bout the navigating thing - most humans don't get it right either! Signed ... Mom to Dusty and Peaches

Ferndoggle said...

Hey Pancho! I just stumbled on your blog & guess what? I don't have any balls either!!! I'm still tuff, though.

Good to meet you dude. I'm all about Doggins of mixed origin.

(and stupid Penny & stupid Lola)