Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm A Dog And I Write Better Than You.

I found this photo of a sign today. I feel compelled to send a note to the person who put it up.

To sign writer (s) who don't know how to punctuate or spell. Are you speaking to dog owners who urinate this walls? Or, do you actually mean dogs who urinate this walls?

Secondly, how presumptuous of you to assume "no one want" to smell my urine. My urine rocks. It's the best all-american mutt dog piss that money can buy. I'll bet you other dogs would love to smell it. So don't be so hasty with the broad statements, Shakespeare.

Finally, since you, yourself have admitted that the hallway is "common", perhaps you should be grateful that some dogs have chosen to "spruce it up" a bit. Maybe if you painted the hallway something other than fluorescent hospital green, it wouldn't be so fucking common, would it?

1 comment:

victoria said...

oh pancho, how i love your charisma! (btw, is that spelled right?)