Friday, July 20, 2007

Ask Pancho - Episode One

I just realized that I had it set where only registered users could comment on this blog. Sorry about that. I'm just a dog. I didn't realize I was limiting the responses. I would definitely like to hear from some of my readers.

In the spirit of that, I'd like to start something new. A "feature," if you will.

I encourage you, if you have a question for a dog like me, to click on the "comments" button below and ask it. I'll do my best to give you an answer.


laura said...

i love panchooooo!
from your favorite girl outside the fam,

p.s. tell reilly i say hey!

Pancho said...

Well, to be honest with you, Laura, I'm not sure who you are. You see, I'm a dog. I don't even know the names of my family or how many people are part of it. I think I live with, like, 3 to 7 people. But I'm not sure. And, as a dog, names elude me. But I welcome your greeting. If you say you are my favorite girl outside the fam (I assume you mean "pack") then I'll have to trust you on that.
Hope you'll come back and read often!!

Kimberly said...

well pancho this is kim from across the alley or I use to be across the alley, now I'm a few miles away. No worries, we will meet again. Remember a dark friend that would come play with you sometimes? You have to remember him. He was the only friend that was super gray on your black and white spectrum. He misses you too. He's staying in Dallas but I am moving away. Far away , sorta like Victoria is to me. What should I do about this special friend I have?

chubirka said...

So, Pancho... what's with you dogs always wanting to sniff my ass?

Pancho said...

Well Kimberly,

I think I know the human you're talking about. Didn't have that many "dark" (your word, not mine) people hanging around.

Well, I assume you're concerned about the loss of a romantic interest, is that right?

First of all, please remember that I have no balls. So my perspective on this is going to be a bit skewed, as you might imagine. Plus, I'm just a dog.

With that in mind, I think it's fair to say that someone's "first love" will always hold a special place for them. It's a fond memory that you can go to when you're feeling down. In that respect, you'll keep that person with you forever.

But you also have to be realistic. With so much of your life left to live and experience, it doesn't make sense to throw away all your dreams just because you feel such sad emotions.

You should look at this time you spent with him with joy. Then go live your life. If it's meant to be, then things will work out down the road.

In any case, I think you'd begin to feel better if you sent me some squeaky stuffed animals... or some meat.

Pancho said...

Well, chubirka,

Since we've never met, I'll have to make some assumptions to answer your question. First of all, let's assume that you know how to wash your ass. If so, then let's make another assumption. Are you a female?

If so, let me be as delicate as I can. You see, with females, there's all kinds of stuff going on down there. And, as a dog, we're kinda required to check out anything that hits our olfactory senses.

Also, as dogs, we don't have to live by the same "Emily Post" bullshit rules that you humans do. So a human female walks by and !BAM! we have to check it out.

Sorry. But that's just the way it is.

Purple Plano said...

ball or frisbee?