Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two. Dogs. Next. Door. Must. Not. Blink.

Got into some more shit yesterday. A couple of labs are here with their humans on vacation. And they're right... next... door. As usual, my human pulled me off of them, apologized to their owner, and locked me in the house.

But now, every time I go outside, I just keep looking over there.

I know I've said often on this blog that this thing or that thing is my greatest joy... but, god help me, I love to fight. Big dogs, small dogs... I don't give a shit.

You see, with dogs, there has to be an "order" to things. Everything has to be sized up and put in its proper category. And "other dogs" are in the "beneath Pancho" category. If they don't acknowledge that quickly, we're gonna have trouble.

But, anyway... I do look good when I'm on high alert, don't I?

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