Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think we're done here.

Hi folks. My name is Ben. I'm Pancho's human.

He has had fun writing this blog, but I think it has run its course.

Our best to the handful of you you have continued to check in from time to time.

He'll leave the site up for another couple weeks, then he's gonna shut it down.

Bye... from the both of us.


Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go Pancho. You have entertained me when I get a chance to check out your postings. Good luck with wherever your nose takes you. I'll try to do right by you and be the type of human Madison(The Boston Terrier that would fight a concrete block) wants me to be. She's asleep on the floor right now.

Anonymous said...

Pancho best of luck to you and Ben. Always enjoyed your adventures and sense of humor.

A Fan in VA.

Redcat said...

Sorry to see you leave as well. Its been fun and entertaining to say the very least.
Best of luck to your future Pancho. You too Ben.
Make the most of life! Its far to short.

Pam McKnight said...

bye pancho!! sorry to see you go. I think your human should now post through a squirrel.

Judy said...

Just thought I'd check to see if your blog was still up. I hate that you're not going to be writing any more, but I wish you'd leave it up indefinitely...there's so much here to come back to! And who knows, maybe something awesome will happen that you just HAVE to write about!