Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Olan Mills Pose.

My human got a new cowboy hat and some new jeans. He's lost a bunch of weight and has virtually no clothes. Not really a problem for me... but you know how humans are.

Anyway, his dad took this photo and I like how I'm peering off into the distance like one of those portraits you humans get for your senior pic.

Nothing else. That is all.


Courtenay said...

i love this photo. and wow, your dad did a great job. i was gonna ask who took it....

Ramona said...

Hey Pancho - you don't look so bad-ass after all. That's the sweetest picture I've seen in a long, long time - a man and his dog.

Anonymous said...

May I say you are very houndsome.

A Fan in VA.

Pancho said...

Well Courtenay,

MY DAD didn't take the pic. My human's dad did. I never knew my father. And thanks for bringing up some old issues for me. Dammit.