Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Talk About Indy Films.

I've been working on a film idea. But it's kinda hard to find a DP willing to participate in the artistic dream of a canine... much less, one who could even understand me.

Then I started thinking.

My human has a "movie" setting on his tiny digital camera. I'm pretty sure that, eventually, he'll get some sort of editing capability on his computer. So why not get him to help me shoot some of the scenes? I can work out the rest in "post."

Well he's been pretty busy these past couple of days. Hard to pull him away from the computer. (and my script isn't even done, either)

But tonight, at about 6pm, I reminded him of his promise to let me chase some deer this evening. Then I told him to bring his camera.

Well, our shooting schedule went all to hell. His camera wont stay on long enough for me to find some deer to chase. Then, when I do take off running... he's not ready.

Anyway. I chased about 16 of them through the woods, but he didn't "get" that. He did get me running back after my hunt.

Oh well. He may not be good, but at least he's cheap.


ben said...

Judging by the raw footage I'm excited to see the Blair Bitch Project.

Pancho said...

Blair Bitch Project. I like it. And I see what you mean about the "hand-held" aspect of it.

I considered making it a porno... but I've been neutered. So, that's not gonna happen.

Then I thought about a "merchant-ivory" thing... but I hate wearing period costumes.

I had about decided on an action pic where I'm the hero (obviously)... but the Blair Bitch idea is a good one. I am out in the woods.

And I do have the wet, snotty nose for the closeups.