Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes I'll do it... hypothetically.

My human decided he was going to teach me how to jump in the back of his truck today.

I use the word "teach" rather loosely. It's not like he showed me how or anything. No. He just got up in the back of the truck and said "Come on, Pancho"

Wow. Don't give up your day job, dude. Oh. I forgot you don't have one.

Anyway. Eventually, I did it.

Not sure why he wanted me in there, though. Maybe he's sick of all my hair in his truck. Maybe he thinks he'll drive down the road and the wind will blow some of that shit off me.

Well, if he tries to get me to give up my spot in the front, I'll pee on him when he sleeps. Swear to god I will.

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