Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am speechless. Yes i'm a dog. But i'm still speechless.

So this morning I started writing this post and uploaded the photo. It was going to be about loyalty and how loyal I am to my human. There was a cute story that went with it about how, when given the opportunity to go play (without him) I chose instead to run back upstairs and lay by his side while he worked.

But then, tonight, when logging on to my account, I got an email.

Now there aren't many humans that I hate. I thought perhaps none. But I love MY human. Seriously. More than anything. When he's in a room, my eyes are always on him. Wherever he goes, I'm right there.

So just imagine the one guy who he hates more than anyone else in the world... sending me an invitation to be his friend on Facebook.

I may not have balls, but I know enough to know that his are HUGE!

Fuck him. I've eaten deer turds that have more class.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Right on Pancho, stand
up on all 4 legs and
bark proudly! CG