Thursday, February 26, 2009

How cool would that be?

I've thought many times about how cool it would be to be human. But then I saw this picture today and started thinking about it.

I'm good with the whole "dog" thing. I like being petted, not having a job, and, basically, being my human's pet.

But hands. THAT's what I want. Think of the possibilities...

I could unhook that damn gate when the deer taunt me and need to experience my wrath up close.

Stickers in my feet? Not a problem.

Typing this shit would sure be a lot easier (I can't even tell you how long it takes me to write one of these posts.)

And the squirrels wouldn't stand a chance if I had a BB gun.

But take a look at that dog in the photo. He really is kinda creepy looking. I doubt I'd get petted as much, even if I could get Diet Cokes for my human.

Yeah. To hell with that. Wouldn't want to be that "weird dog with the hands."

Forget I mentioned it.

1 comment:

copy_kitty said...


I share your dream. However, that picture is sure to trigger a flood of nightmares. So, ummm, thanks for that, I guess.

~ your friend Dooby T. Cat