Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aren't all dogs compulsive?

You'll notice my photo in this post is a lot like the shot in the previous one. That's because I am starting to build a routine here in the crows nest. From my perch high above the flood plane, I sit every evening from about 4pm till well after dark.

And tonight, were it not for that goddamn gate, I'd have hit paydirt.

The usual hoards of deer went by... and then, quietly, from seemingly out of nowhere, a full-grown axis deer hobbled by - on what appeared to be a bad leg. Ever so slowly he hopped right before me. The jingle of my tags made him turn and look at me (with fear), but he could barely move.

My human keeps telling me that I should not look... "why torture yourself?" he says.

If I could speak, I'd tell him the same thing about old photos.


Anonymous said...

Rub on some of this to lure that big ole buck up to your crow's nest.

A Fan in VA

Pancho said...

That looks like good stuff. "In Heat Doe Urine"... man, I think I just figured out what the worst job in America must be.

Pam McKnight said...

hey boy, your owner told me I could see pics. of his new place on here but I don't see them. Did you chew them up?

Pancho said...


Did you look at the post that follows this one?