Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Situation At Home.

Wow has my life changed. My damn human got a job.

At least the summer is kinda here. So I'm spending more time outside lately. There seems to be new squirrel activity and the humans are keeping the blinds open... allowing me a view of the street from the landing.

But I must say I've been pretty bored.

One nice thing about the humans being gone is... they tend to feel guilty and respond well to my excitement when they get home.

"Hey Pancho! How's it going? Are you a good dog? Are you a happy dog? You want a treat?"

Fuckin-A right I'm happy. Hell yeah I want a treat. What... are you an idiot? I'm a dog! I've been alone for, like, 8 hours. C'mon dude, let's party!

(I'm including the photo of the puppy sitting on the cat, not because it has any relevance to this post... but, come on... it's a DOG sitting on a CAT. How cool is that?)

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KathleenGail said...

Sucks when they go to work, but hey! You got the whole house to your self and if they turn the TV on, you can veg. Maybe even go to the closet and get some yummy shoes.