Thursday, December 20, 2007

One Happy Dog.

Last week my human was sick. Every afternoon, I'd hang around waiting to go for a walk, but no dice. It sucked.

Then, yesterday, I guess he was feeling better. He hooked me up and off we went.

I've written before about how wonderful it is to go on a walk. So forgive me if I'm being redundant. But it's truly glorious. For a dog, it's maybe the best thing ever. Except for being petted or getting a raw bone.

It was raining, but I didn't care. As we approached the first street where we turn, I spotted an exceptionally ugly dog walking with his human. Like me, he was a mutt-dog, but there was something different about him. Man, he was ugly, and I did NOT like the way he looked at me. I growled at him to let him know that I would not tolerate anything less than his complete submission.

He barked, as if to say, "pttoo... I spit at you and your ill-perceived dominance, you red-haired prick!"

That's all it took. The hair on my back stood straight up and gave him my very best growl-bark. It was all my human could do to hold my collar and keep me from running across the street and tearing his throat out.

It was beautiful - in a dog kind of way. Afterwards, I hugged my human, like I always do. I like to let him know that none of my hostility is intended for him.

When you almost fight, it really makes you feel alive.

Man, do I love going on walks.

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